Wednesday, August 03, 2005

It was bound to happen

The idea behind three team members was that we could pick each other up. Finally, Jupiter is in line with pluto and is in line with the newly discovered planet and on and on. The point is the will be no posts for roughly 8 days. Enter it into your cell phone, mark it on your calender, just do whatever it takes.


Blogger littleboxes said...

Eight days! You are making us feel like slackers. We will miss both the Ying and the Yang.

Blogger -i- said...

Fear not, littleboxes! The rumours of Yin/Yang's absence, were greatly exaggerated.

The truth is that certain members of the crew (i.e. me) has been moving and battling a cold.

I'm not sure in what capacity I'll still post, and if I can keep it relevant, because I think Chicago was a major focus. I guess time will tell.


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