Saturday, March 04, 2006

Calling all blue state liberals

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a republican? The disgruntled chemist did a covert investigation to uncover the truth. He infiltrated a Campus Republicans meeting and here are some exerpts of what he found
[T]he hate was palpable. People were openly making racist jokes directed toward Muslims to no opposition. Muslim audience members were insulted to their faces in the most racist of terms, and the one Muslim panelist was spoken over as though he didn't exist. An entire religion was treated as subhuman and evil for two hours by the people around me, people I was speaking to and trying to understand.
Simply, I was afraid of the people in the audience around me. When the greater part of the audience stood up and began to chant "USA! USA! USA!" in response to a thinly-veiled threat against American Muslims, the image of a lynch mob came to mind. This comes to mind as I edit this post on Thursday night; how many of the people in the room would really have objected, in the heat of that moment? If you ask me now, I'd say "most". If you'd asked me as I sat in that auditorium, shaking with fear and anger at my fellow man, I wouldn't have been so sure.
Seeing how depressed I was yesterday after going to the meeting, several people who know me asked if I regretted going. My answer was that yes, I do regret going, but as I think more about it I have to say "yes and no". I regret going, in the same way I would regret watching an execution or looking on as somebody beat their child.


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