Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Tribute to Johnny Wier

Figure skater for the US olympic team. His official website is here. There is has been some buzz over whether he is gay, but that doesn't bother Andrew Sullivan (or me, for that matter).

Weir skating

His performance during the gala of champions out-classed all of his critics who can't get over the fact that he might be gay and that he respects communist russia

Johnny wearing a soviet warm up.

I went to a few wrestling national championships, and it was very common for you to exchange uniforms with friends and competitors for fun. I am just assuming that the same thing happens on the international level, and I must admit if I had a soviet wrestling warm-up I would wear it cause it's cool. Anyways, his critics need to see the world with less partisan glasses (and more importantly, not judge his personal life). I was moved by his skating to Sinatra's "My Way". To make my new years resolution public, I want to see people more in the context of what's good about them and what they are excellent at (and, of course, less of what I perceive to be their shortcomings). Here's to Johnny!


Blogger PastorNancy said...

nice photos - nice story

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Judy said...

Johnny Wier is by far my favorite male Figure Skater. He's beautiful to watch and does the hard content, also. Thumbs up to him for being the whole package.


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