Monday, June 06, 2005

Now That's Heart

The Chicago Rush failed in their bid to make the Arena Bowl, but it wasn't without some intense drama. With two seconds on the clock and down by 3, the rush decided to go for the win from the 2-yard line instead of kicking the safe field goal. After blatantly holding the receiver, a Denver defender intercepted the pass and it was over. Down came the confetti and better luck next problem though. The penalty was called.

I watched a rat pack of journalists, janitors, and coaches stuffing confetti into their hats and pants in a deserate attempt to clear the field, and I couldn't stop laughing. The Rush cleared out a little circle and did kick the field goal - sending the game to overtime. The overtime, perhaps due to the colorful playing field, was just a little sloppy and the rush end up losing 49-43.Confetti
Oh, and since this is the internet and we can, here is a picture of the lady responsible. Unfortunately she's too charming to hate.


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