Saturday, June 04, 2005

Be honest, am I smug?

Canada's newly minted ambassador to the United States, Frank McKenna, had some tough talk about the recent (I'd argue long standing) self-righteous Canadian attitude towards Americans:

"Where Americans take offence is when Canadians attack them gratuitously,
carry large chips on their shoulder, endlessly moralize about what America
should be doing," McKenna told the annual Canadian Press dinner last night.
"In short, a self-righteousness that isn't very flattering."

I'm not advocating that protests end, and I'm not saying that I agree with American policy, but there definitely is no need for the 'Dumb American' stereotype that gets played up so often in Canadian media. It's just plain tired. Check out Rick Mercer's Talking to Americans for a great look at one of the most wildly watched shows in Canadian TV history. I think the joke is on Rick Mercer here, because if some camera toting smartass from Trinidad came to Toronto and started asking questions about Trinidadian politics to a bunch of well meaning Canadian politicians, well it wouldn't be too funny would it? Why? Because, by and large no one cares about Trinidadian politics. Just like Americans really don't care (or need to care) about Canadian politics. Canadians just need to accept that, and get over it.

McKenna then goes on to say that one way to help Canada's profile in the mind of Americans is for the expatriates (myself included) to take the lead. Which I think is a good start. Apparently, there are about 3 million ex-patriots living amongst us.

He also hopes to enlist future stars of American politics now:

"Hopefully, personal relationships, supplemented with invitations to Canada, and
growing linkages with Canadian political and other leaders, will ensure that
American `leaders of tomorrow' will be sensitive to Canadian issues," he said.

Does anyone know if Barack Obama is busy on July 1st?


Blogger littleboxes said...

We've heard americans in Detroit say "Burn Canada, except for Windsor." But they are obviously extremists. Who wouldn't want to preserve Moosejaw?

And everyone knows that Michael Moore's film Farenshtupid 9/11 (well, that's what some people like to call it) left americans wondering not about the policies of their president but asking..."Do canadians really leave their doors unlocked?"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think if any part of Canada were to be burned down, it should be Windsor. Complete waste of time. Nothing but strip clubs, a 2nd rate university, and border shopping (liquor and real cuban cigars) for the americans willing to try to smuggle it back.

and yes, people do leave their doors unlocked. except at night, that would be dumb. Growing up, and still to this day, the front door to everyone's house in my neighborhood was always open. I reckon it's the same in most American towns. Not that I've tested this....

Blogger Roy said...

What's happening July 1st?


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